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BOILER & VALVE TECHNOLOGY is one of the leading Importers, Suppliers, Distributors and Stockiest of Steel Pipes, Valves & Various Industrial and construction equipment including Fire Safety equipment in Bangladesh. We have been playing a significant role in the country’s Industrialization by providing best quality of goods since 2005 the very beginning of this company.

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BOILER & VALVE TECHNOLOGY deals in Mild Steel Pipes, Stainless Steel Industrial & Decoration Pipes, Valves, Joints, Pipe fittings and flanges, Industrial Stainless Steel Filter, High Grade Stainless Steel Perforated and Plain Sheet, Fire Safety equipment, Pneumatic Pipes & Control Valves, Tools, Machineries and Various Pumps which used in Steam line, Gas line, Boiler, Generator, Cooling Tower, Generator, Chiller, A/C Plant, Power Plant and Residential & Industrial Fire-fighting etc. We are also a general supplier and we can provide cost effective procurement for various industries. The company leads the business with transparency preserving the best quality.

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We have experience in working with many foreign companies and corporations from all over the globe– Poland, Germany, USA, UK, China, Korea, Turkey, India, Italy, Japan, Vietnam, Singapore, Taiwan, Malaysia, Russia & UAE etc.


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Problem Solving , Installation & Commissioning, Budget Planning, Products customization, Cost reducing layout plan.


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